The Essential Fragrance Collection

The Essential Fragrance Collection

Something Smells Good



Have you ever seen a cartoon or movie image of a mad scientist in the lab pouring chemicals into beakers and waiting for smoke or bubbling explosions as they react to each other? That's me, Miss Fizzwick, in the candle kitchen! Except instead of being mad I'm sporting mad smiles and just getting GOOFY over all the amazing aromas I am creating for you!

One of the biggest challenges when you have so many lovely fragrances to work with, made especially for our benefit by Mother Nature, is narrowing down which ones I will pour into my superbly clean candles for you! I want to focus on doing great work for you, so I wanted to take a minute to share with you the current selection of aromas which are the focus of this sweet shop and the products available at my markets. Happy reading, and if these descriptions speak to you - just click to order!



If you’ve ever taken a Royal Street Stroll or visited the antique galleries and mysterious voodoo shops of the historic New Orleans French Quarter then you know what it means to Gleaux! Miss Fizzwick is highly inspired by the culture and joie de vivre floating through the New Orleans air in all the best places and IYKYK. If you don’t, this candle will be a good sneak peek! 

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Beach, please! 

There would be no Miss Fizzwick were it not for the sparkling waters and powder fine sands of the Emerald Coast - with floral fragrant salt air there is enough inspiration to make anyone believe is or her dreams can come true. Whether that dream is to get your toes in the sand, or to summit Mt. Everest - this beautiful beachy blend is for you! A complex combo of Rosemary, Floral oils, citrus and patchouli, you can breathe deep and transport to the salt air of our incredible coastal dreamland. 

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Champagne Chakra

This signature scent was formulated with a blend of essential oils designed to open your heart chakra. When you are feeling closed off to the world, and in need of some light to remind you that you are not alone - allow the restorative benefits of sweet orange, Palmarosa and geranium to welcome you back to center! 

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Maverick Mint Cookie

Ok so it was blended to smell like my favorite girl scout cookie (think chocolate+mint crunchiness and yumminess) but it also offers antioxidant benefits along with energy boost, memory and alertness, relaxation and relief from headaches! 

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Do Not Disturb

No need to hang a sign on the door, the aromatic properties of this blend of lavender and vanilla will give you the inner peace and relaxation you need as soon as you fire it up! 

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Spa Day

Transport yourself back to the aromatherapy of a luxurious massage table and breathe in the lavender and eucalyptus blend as your stress melts away. 

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Fresh + Focused

Wake up those brain cells and put a smile on your face. This rosemary mint blent is known to improve memory function and stimulate circulation while receiving tension! 

*Currently unavailable. Email for waitlist**

It Is Well

This blend has the strong punch of tea tree immunity boosting with the mood lifting and anxiety relieving lavender to create calm and wellness in your environment. 

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Clear The Air

When you know you need a good smudging but you just need to sit back and relax: let this candle do the work.  

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Bugger Off

100% pure all natural citronella essential oil is blended into your candle to help you repel bugs from your zen space without any chemicals! 

Email for citronella candle orders!

Just Lavender

The OG of essential oils for most of us, right? Picture fields of lavender swaying in the breeze on the French countryside… light it up and get relaxed! 

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