Sneakers Spreading Light!

Sneakers Spreading Light!

Used sneakers might not be the first think you think of when you come over to this site to browse lovely, fresh smelling, clean, upcycled candles... but we have news! 

I am collecting YOUR unwanted sneakers. 

You know that my mission as Miss Fizzwick is to do good, spread light, and all the while making pretty candles that reduce waste, right??? I am super excited to partner with GotSneakers, a social enterprise based here in Florida, to raise funds for the Matrix Community Outreach Center! GotSneakers will issue up to seven dollars ($7) per pair for the collected sneakers. Those funds will be matched with each candle purchase from Miss Fizzwick, to benefit the Matrix Community Outreach Center. Anyone can help by donating gently worn, used, and new sneakers.

You can begin cleaning out your pile of unused sneakers by dropping them off to me at these upcoming Markets:

July 31, Main Street Defuniak Springs, 8 am - Noon

August 1, Hammock Bay, 8 AM - 1 PM

August 7, Main Street Defuniak Springs, 8 AM - Noon

August 8, Freeport Sports Complex, 9 AM - 1 PM

GotSneakers has developed a unique fundraising program that asks communities to reach into their closets, not their pockets! The sneaker recycling program helps keep sneakers out of landfills, which has harmful effects on our environment, and helps organizations like ours raise much needed funds. Learn more about GotSneakers by visiting their website at


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