Gift Giving and Gift Getting

Gift Giving and Gift Getting

Some people are incredible gift givers. The thought put into the contents of beautiful packaging, and the perfect moment of presentation are just a couple of things that create a sweet gift experience. My favorite gift to give is a lovely upcycled candle of course! But close to that is a beautiful and unique bottle of champagne or wine in a whimsical package. Very often the recipient is so tickled they rush to chill and open the bottle so it can be enjoyed at once. It would be rude to decline..

Receiving gifts is something I am terrible at. I get very embarrassed, say thank you too many times, and often repeatedly inquire as to why the person did such a thing. The lesson in this is always say thank you and move on. Be gracious. Still practicing that... You may not realize that there is a ton of psychology at play in the art of Gifting. 

As it has been said there is no selfless deed, there is also no selfless gift. With varying motives from pure generosity to advancing some personal mission, giving often offers great rewards to the giver. It is also possible that the process of choosing a gift - especially when thoughtfully chosen - can cause some stress. If you find yourself in that pickle please stop reading and visit the Gift collection immediately! Your recipient may think you scoured heaven and earth to find the most scrumptious parcel for them when they receive this! 

I digress once again...

Whether you are a great getter or a better giver, it's not abnormal for the whole thing to bring about many different emotions. When choosing a gift just remember this - select something with a story, something that creates an experience or a moment, or even something that represents a sentiment to the recipient.

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The beauty of our clean upcycled and mason jar candles is that you can accomplish all of these things. Whether the actual label or just the beautiful all natural fragrances are personalized, you will make an immediate impression. You are also telling the person who gets this item that you care about his or her well being. These candles burn clean and will not disrupt your breathing or health in the way other toxic candles will. Beware of natural hand poured candles presenting themselves as "clean" but then listing "fragrance oils" as an ingredient. Our candles use only all natural ESSENTIAL oils - right from the plant, flower, herb, etc... Why? Because we care about the air you are breathing. The icing on the cake when gifting something like this, is the ongoing reminder of your thoughtfulness and generosity every time the candle is lit. We are so happy to make your hunt for the perfect present that much easier!

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