Do Good.

Do Good.

Hey there!

It is hard to believe that we are coming up on one full year of hand crafting clean candles that actually contain beneficial ingredients while reducing waste! I want to update you on a couple of things like what we are doing to spread kindness, and how we can help YOU create moments of surprise and delight, and spread kindness in your life! We have a busy market weekend schedule and even more updates coming soon!

Miss Fizzwick started upcycling bottles into candles to alleviate the irritation her constantly burning candles and fragrance plug-ins were causing her best friend and sister every time she visited. A little knowledge goes a long way and it turns out that MOST candles contain "fragrances" that smell really great, but do very bad things to your body. Have you heard of Covid? You wear masks or get vaccinated to prevent yourself from getting it because it is bad and harmful. So then, why buy and burn candles that cause cancer, disrupt hormone production, and exacerbate allergies and asthma among other things. Those candles contain chemicals and petroleum products that HURT you. Miss Fizzwick's candles ONLY contain all natural soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils. From Plants And Flowers And Herbs And Spices. Not from a petroleum plant or the lab of a mad scientist. Ok now that we have covered that... here is what we are up to...

This weekend Miss Fizzwick will be at the Panama City Farmer's Market AND the Hammock Bay Farmer's Market. So if you are anywhere in the panhandle come get some fresh air and check out these gorgeous candles.  You can fill your home with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and the ambiance of a candle. My signature candle is hand poured into an upcycled champagne bottle that is cut and polished and transformed to spread light in your home while offering you the benefits of the oils blended within. 

Need a hostess gift for Easter? Something for a grown up Easter Basket or birthday? Come see us at the market or SHOP NOW!!! 


While gifting our candles is a truly generous act of kindness, Miss Fizzwick is up to her own acts of kindness as well! Every month Miss Fizzwick has committed to donate a minimum of 20 amenity kits to women starting fresh after fleeing homelessness, trafficking or abuse. Last month thirty kits were brought to Mary's Shelter Gulf Coast. This amazing establishment shelters homeless women during pregnancy, giving them an opportunity to transition with their baby or choose adoption in a safe healthy environment. I am so proud to provide these deluxe kits to help women start over. We could all use a random act of kindness now and then and I know they are truly thankful for your support! If you would like to contribute by purchasing additional amenity kits you can do so in our online shop


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