Breathing is a good thing

Breathing is a good thing

OK so this may go without saying, but I think we can all agree that breathing is good, no? Seems like there is more of an emphasis than ever on breathing these days... Similar to hand washing, apparently the world didn't see the value before. Thanks Covid-19. With coronavirus at the top of everyone's mind we are all talking about lung health, meditation, and box breathing. If something good comes of this perhaps it will be a population that values a deep breath of fresh air more than ever before! 

I digress..

One evening I was relaxing in my boudoir watching a movie with my love, with some candles I purchased at the store burning hot. There are few places I feel more relaxed and at home than cuddled in a pile of pillows with just a flickering candle and a movie. There may have been a glass of Prosecco involved, come to think of it. 

After a bit of time I went in the bathroom to get a tissue when I realized something was amiss. I am not the only one who looks in my tissue, am I? Something black had come out of my nose. The candle setting the tone for my relaxation was also creating a soot made of whatever parts of the paraben wax and strong chemical scents would not burn down with the wick. O. M. G. This was a wake up call. From that moment I decided to create a candle that was clean and fragrant... and I had to find something to do with all of these empty champagne bottles to keep them out of the landfill. Time to upcycle, create, and breathe easy! 

Tonight I am thinking of watching a good movie on Amazon Prime, sipping some LaMarca Prosecco, and burning a few clean,100% organic soy wax candles scented with my most favorite all natural essential oils. 

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